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Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Alabama (2018)

You’ve probably seen more than one company advertising cheap auto insurance in Alabama. With so many providers vying for your business and promising the lowest rates, the process of finding the best deal can seem overwhelming.

To speed up your search, our team compared the rates of nine top insurance providers in AL to find the best quotes for these four driver categories:

No Recent AccidentsTeen Drivers
Drivers With A DUISenior Drivers

Best Rates For Drivers With No Recent Accidents

$117/month estimate

$/month estimate

If you’ve never caused a crash, you should certainly see that fact reflected in your car insurance premiums. Insurance companies charge low-risk drivers less for coverage since they’re statistically less likely to file a claim.

Our study found that Allstate offers the best cheap auto insurance in Alabama for drivers with a spotless accident history. If you were involved in a recent crash, try comparing car insurance quotes every few months to find out if you could save by switching to a different provider.

Best Rates For Teen Drivers

$186/month estimate

$229/month estimate

Insurance quotes for teen drivers are typically higher than those for adults because the latter tend to have more experience behind the wheel. Fortunately, some insurance companies offer low rates to young drivers who have a clean driving record. In our study, we evaluated the cost of insurance for an 18 year old and found that Allstate is the best choice for cheap auto insurance for teenagers in Alabama who need the minimum car insurance required by law.

Best Rates For Drivers With A DUI

$169/month estimate

$170/month estimate

You probably know that drinking and driving don’t mix, but all it takes is one drink too many to lead to DUI charges. If you were convicted of DUI, it is likely that your insurance premiums have increased. Some insurers are trying to boost their policyholder count by being lenient on drivers who were convicted of DUI. In our study, Allstate was found to offer the lowest rates, closely followed by State Farm.

Best Rates For Senior Drivers

$/month estimate

$109/month estimate

Seniors tend to drive less than younger motorists. In our study, we compared rates for male and female drivers age 65 who traveled one-third the annual mileage as our 29-year-old driver. The senior driver in our study was also a homeowner.


The “DUI” and “No Recent Accidents” segments of our study involved a 29-year-old driver with a 2014 Toyota Corolla who traveled 12,000 miles per year. We averaged the insurance rates for males and females from five zip codes in Alabama. The teen driver in our study was purchasing the state’s minimum liability coverage, but all other driver categories were purchasing coverage for 50/100/25 liability and 50/100/25 uninsured motorist coverage.

What Are The Minimum Car Insurance Requirements For Drivers In Alabama?

In the state of Alabama, the minimum required coverage is as follows:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Per Person: $25,000
  • Bodily Injury Liability Per Accident: $50,000
  • Property Damage Liability: $25,000

Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance In Alabama

If you are ever involved in a traffic accident or pulled over, officers in Alabama will ask to see proof that you are insured. But they aren’t just trying to make your life difficult. Mandatory coverage helps protect other drivers and safeguards you against a potentially bankrupting lawsuit following a crash.

As a result, courts in Alabama do not pull any punches if you’re caught driving without insurance – even if it’s only your first offense. You will have to pay up to $500 in fines, may have to serve up to three months in prison and have your registration suspended for 45 days or more. Plus, your car could be impounded.

Caught driving without coverage again? The gloves are coming off. Courts have a history of making an example of repeat offenders, sentencing the uninsured to cough up as much as $3,000 in fines and serve up to six months in prison. Plus, you license will be suspended for a minimum of four months.

Can I File A Claim If I Was Partially At Fault For The Accident?

Yes. Alabama employs a “fault” insurance system, which means that after an accident, drivers typically file third-party claims against the at-fault party or his/her insurance company. If more than one party is found to be at fault for a crash, Alabama’s comparative or contributory negligence law comes into play.

The insurance claims investigator will look at the police report from the accident, statements made by you and the other drivers, statements from any witnesses, information collected from the accident scene itself, the condition of the vehicles involved, and even weather conditions to determine if multiple parties share liability. If you are found to have been partially at fault, your damages award will be reduced by your percentage of fault. If you file a lawsuit, the courts can also assign a percentage of fault to each party involved and adjust damages awards accordingly.

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Filing A Car Insurance Claim In Alabama

1. Not Notifying The Insurance Company Right Away

You should collect evidence from the accident scene and take down witness statements to help support your claim. Even if you have strong evidence, though, you could still run into trouble if you wait too long to contact your insurance company.

2. Admitting Fault

Crash! You’ve just collided with another car. Your adrenaline is surging, your emotions are in overdrive and it looks like it’s your fault. But before you jump the gun and apologize, remember this: there are always more factors at play than you might think.

Yes, you were distracted and slammed into the other driver from behind, but he or she may have switched lanes without indicating or just finished making an illegal turn. Your confession may be all the encouragement the other motorist needs to file a claim against you, leaving your insurer scrambling to defend your statements. After a crash, call the police, take down information and any witness statements, and never admit fault.

3. Not Following Up

You took statements and filed your forms, now it’s time to sit back and wait for the money to roll in. Wrong. It pays to keep track of your claim every step of the way. Not only does this help eliminate any confusion and anxiety around the process, but you’ll also have a better idea of when your claim will be paid out and can budget accordingly.

How To Be Ready For A Car Accident

Every motorist hopes they never find themselves in a car accident. Unfortunately, for every mile you drive, you have a 1 in 447,000 chance of ending up in a crash. Next time you get behind the wheel, make sure you’ve done the following:

  • Pack an emergency first aid kit;
  • Stash important documents, such as your insurance information, health plan information and vehicle registration, in the glove compartment;
  • Ensure that your phone is fully charged; and
  • Stow away loose items in either your console, glove compartment or trunk.



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