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Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In South Dakota (2018)

If you’re searching for cheap auto insurance in South Dakota, you’ve probably discovered that there are dozens of companies advertising the lowest rates. The truth is that each insurer has a different approach for calculating monthly premiums, so there’s no one-size-fits-all policy that is best for all motorists.

To help you find the lowest cost car insurance for your driver profile, we looked at the rates of nine top carriers to find the best deals for the following driver types:

No Recent AccidentsTeen Drivers
Drivers With A DUISenior Drivers

Best Rates For Drivers With No Recent Accidents

$79/month estimate

$82/month estimate

You fall into this category if you’ve never been found at-fault for a crash. The test driver in this segment of our study was age 29 and had a spotless driver history. State Farm was revealed to offer very competitive rates for safe motorists in South Dakota.

Best Rates For Teen Drivers

$109/month estimate

$173/month estimate

Age can have a major influence on the cost of auto insurance. Specifically, young drivers typically pay more than older motorists because they’re statistically more likely to cause an accident, largely due to their inexperience behind the wheel. If you need cheap car insurance for a teenager in South Dakota, try getting quotes from State Farm or Allied Insurance.

Best Rates For Drivers With A DUI

$86/month estimate

Have you been charged with DUI or DWI? If you were convicted, you most likely saw a huge jump in your auto insurance premiums. You might be able to get your rates reduced by finding a policy from State Farm, which we determined was the cheapest auto insurance company in South Dakota for drivers with a DUI or DWI.

Best Rates For Senior Drivers

$58/month estimate

$61/month estimate

If you’re a senior in South Dakota and you need to find low cost car insurance, consider getting quotes from these two carriers. State Farm was found in our study to offer the lowest rates. This segment of our analysis focused on a driver age 65 who commuted 4,000 annual miles.


The vehicle used in our research was a 2014 Toyota Corolla. The default driver was 29 years old and had not received any recent traffic citations. The default annual mileage was 12,000. Our estimates incorporate data from males and females in five zip codes throughout SD. To estimate the car insurance premiums for teens, we used the state’s minimum auto insurance requirements. For all other driver categories, we used 50/100/25 liability coverage limits and 50/100/25 uninsured motorist coverage limits.

What Are The Minimum Auto Insurance Liability Limits In South Dakota?

South Dakota law requires all drivers to have auto insurance that meets the following limits:

  • $25,000 Per Person In Coverage For Bodily Injuries
  • $50,000 Per Accident In Coverage For Bodily Injuries
  • $25,000 In Coverage For Property Damage
  • $25,000 Per Person In Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury (UMBI) Coverage
  • $50,000 Per Accident In UMBI Coverage


South Dakota Car Insurance FAQs

What Are the Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in South Dakota?

Home of Mt. Rushmore, the beautiful state of South Dakota is an oasis for road trippers. But be warned: You will face a mountain of fines and penalties if you’re caught driving without auto insurance.

According to South Dakota’s traffic laws, operating a vehicle without adequate coverage is categorized as a Class 2 misdemeanor. Legally speaking, this transgression is on the same level as disorderly conduct, simple assault, carrying a concealed weapon, or resisting a police officer’s instructions.

As a result, you could face:

  • Fines of up to $500;
  • 30 days behind bars;
  • License suspensions;
  • SR-22 maintenance requirements for up to three years; and
  • High fees to reinstate your driving privileges.

How Can I Reinstate My Driver’s License After Being Caught Without Insurance?

If you’re caught driving with no insurance, chances are your license will be suspended or revoked. Without a valid driver’s license, you can no longer drive your vehicle. In South Dakota, like most other states, the local DMV requires you to prove your car is insured up to the state’s mandated minimum liability requirements before your driving privileges are restored.

Typically, this will entail having an SR-22 form (proof of insurance) filed on your behalf by your provider on an annual basis. This service is known as SR-22 insurance and is offered to so-called “high-risk” drivers after license revocation or suspension.

After your license has been reinstated, you will still be required to file the SR-22 form for a period of time determined by the courts or your local DMV. Typically, this requirement will persist for three years. If you miss a payment on your policy, cancel your plan, or allow your coverage to lapse for any other reason, your provider is obligated to report this to the department.

In this case, your registration, license, and plates may be suspended and you will have to restart the SR-22 filing process from scratch.

How Can I Reduce My Premium After My License Has Been Suspended?

Being caught driving without insurance is a black mark on your driving record. Insurers will most likely class you as a “high-risk” driver, which will result in an immediate spike in your premiums. Why? Statistically, you now have a higher chance of being involved in an accident than drivers who are never caught without insurance.

While SR-22 insurance is expensive, you may be in a position where it isn’t feasible to stop driving altogether. For example, in cases where you need your vehicle to drive to work and public transport isn’t a viable alternative, it makes sense to purchase this type of policy to retain your driving privileges.

While there are few methods for reducing your premium, many people in this position choose to swap out their current vehicle for an older, more affordable model. This will help offset the costs of insurance until you’ve completed your SR-22 filing requirements.

South Dakota Traffic Laws

Breaking the law can put you on a rocky road leading to fines and possible jail time. Make sure you always follow these important rules when you’re on the road in South Dakota:

South Dakota Child Safety Seat Laws

Taking your little tyke on the road? Following the rules of the road won’t just help you stay in good standing with authorities, but it will also protect your little ones in the event of an accident. In South Dakota, children under the age of 5 and who weigh less than 40 lbs must always be restrained in an approved car safety seat or booster seat while driving. Children up the age of 17 years old must stay buckled up for the duration of your trip.

South Dakota Drunk Driving Laws

Knocking back a beer or two at South Dakota’s craft breweries, bars, and restaurants is a celebrated pastime in the state. But when one brew turns into a few too many, you’ll find yourself nursing a hangover in prison. The state’s legal blood alcohol limit is set at 0.08%; that’s around a shot of hard liquor or glass of wine for the average person. However, you can still be charged for driving under the influence if you clock in at 0.05% and authorities can prove you were unable to operate your vehicle safely.

When you drive in South Dakota, you enter into an automatic contract giving consent to be tested. Authorities can test your blood alcohol levels using a breathalyzer or blood and urine testing kits.

South Dakota Seat Belt Laws

Buckling up will save you from a headfirst collision with your windscreen, dashboard, or backseats. In South Dakota, state law requires drivers and passengers to remain buckled up at all times while a car is in motion. If you or anyone else in your vehicle is caught traveling without a seat belt, you could be fined up to $25.

South Dakota Move Over Law

In a bid to protect cars or emergency vehicles halted on the shoulder of a street or highway, this law requires that you give these cars a wide berth. If you spot a car flashing its amber warning signals, you should slow down and move over to another lane if possible. Similarly, if you see a stopped emergency vehicle with its sirens activated, you must make every attempt to reduce your speed and steer away from the car if it is safe to do so.

South Dakota Texting and Driving Laws

Bucking the national trend, South Dakota has no laws against using your cell phone while driving. But before you whip out your smartphone and start watching videos in transit, remember you are far more likely to be involved in accident when you are distracted.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every single day, approximately 9 drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are killed and a further 1,000 injured in accidents that involve distracted motorists.

South Dakota Headlight Laws

State law requires motorists to use headlights in the following situations:

  • At all times while riding a motorcycle;
  • When visibility is limited to around 200 ft; and
  • From 30 minutes before the sun rises and 30 minutes after the sun begins to set.

South Dakota School Bus Laws

Children are some of the most vulnerable people on our roads. As a result, school buses are protected by a litany of laws designed to keep kids safe while they are embarking or disembarking. If you spot a school bus flashing its red signal lights, you are required to maintain a minimum distance of 15 feet while stopped. If you are behind a moving school bus flashing its amber lights, the law states you must slow down to 20 mph or less and pass the vehicle while exercising extreme caution. If you’re nabbed breaking these laws, you may receive a citation and a severe fine.

South Dakota Accident Survival Kit

Some lucky drivers can go their whole lives without being involved in an accident, but most of us will experience at least one crash every 18 years. Take the right step now to ensure you have every advantage when your quick commute takes a detour in the future:

  1. Stash any loose objects, such as your kid’s toys, groceries, books, and other debris, in your trunk, glove compartment, or console. These items can turn into speeding projectiles in a crash, causing untold injuries.
  2. Purchase a high-quality first aid kit to help treat any injuries you, your passengers, or other parties involved sustain in the crash.
  3. Keep a well-organized file of your insurance declaration page, health plan details, and your car’s registration stored in your glove compartment.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Premium in South Carolina

Auto insurance policies can cost a small fortune depending on your car’s make and model and your own personal circumstances. However, those sky-high premiums aren’t set in stone. Your insurer prizes safe drivers, and these five useful tips will help you prove that you’re discount material:

  1. Avoid causing or being involved in accidents, even minor ones, for a few years;
  2. Be vigilant about following state traffic laws;
  3. Try to reduce your mileage;
  4. Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and
  5. Research and purchase a vehicle that costs less to insure.

If your insurer does not offer substantial discounts for taking some of these steps, you should consider shopping around for a new policy. Many, if not most, insurers will offer you a reduced rate for transferring over your coverage. But remember, some providers do offer loyalty discounts to their customers for maintaining a policy for substantial period of time.

How to File a Car Accident Claim in South Dakota

Filing your claim does not have to be a complicated process. Your insurer will provide you with a comprehensive guide on everything they need to review to finalize your case. Typically, alongside the necessary forms, you will be required to provide:

  • Your version of events of what caused the crash;
  • Supplementary evidence to help prove your claim;
  • An official police accident report;
  • Proof, photographic or otherwise, of injuries or damage you and your property sustained in the accident;
  • Names and contact details of the other parties involved in the accident;
  • Witness statements and contact details; and
  • Any other evidence that may help prove your claim.


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