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Cheapest Car Insurance Rates In Wisconsin (2018)

Finding cheap auto insurance in Wisconsin can be a daunting and time-consuming task due to the sheer number of insurance providers. To help you narrow down the options, our team evaluated the insurance quotes of nine providers to identify the lowest rates for the following driver categories:

No Recent AccidentsTeen Drivers
Drivers With A DUISenior Drivers

Best Rates For Drivers With No Recent Accidents

$129/month estimate

$/month estimate

All car insurance companies want to attract low-risk drivers, but some are willing to offer better deals than others. If you haven’t caused a wreck in the previous five years, you might be able to reduce your monthly premiums by switching to Allstate or Progressive. These insurance companies were identified in our analysis as having the most affordable auto insurance quotes for crash-free drivers in Wisconsin.

Best Rates For Teen Drivers

$211/month estimate

$228/month estimate

Due to their inexperience and vulnerability to distractions and peer pressure, teenagers tend to cause a disproportionately high number of accidents. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance for teenagers in Wisconsin, try getting a quote from Allstate or State Farm.

Best Rates For Drivers With An OWI Or DUI

$164/month estimate

$/month estimate

Were you recently convicted of driving under the influence? If so, the costs you incur extend beyond the court-imposed fines and attorney fees. You’ll most likely have to pay extra for car insurance, as well.

Since alcohol contributes to so many serious accidents each year, insurance companies tend to view drivers with an OWI or DUI on their record as a greater liability. If you’re having trouble paying your premiums after getting an OWI, try getting quotes from Progressive and Allstate.

Best Rates For Senior Drivers

$72/month estimate

$113/month estimate

The hypothetical driver in this part of our study was age 65 and commuted 4,000 annual miles. Since seniors drive less often, they usually pay less for car insurance than younger adults. Our data shows that State Farm offered the lowest estimated insurance premiums at $72 per month.


Our study involved a 2014 Toyota Corolla, and most segments of our analysis were based on a 29-year-old driver who traveled 12,000 annual miles. We took the average premiums from five Wisconsin zip codes for females and males to calculate our monthly estimates. We used the state’s minimum coverage requirements to estimate the monthly rates for teenagers, but for all other driver categories, the liability limits were 50/100/25 and the uninsured motorist coverage limits were 50/100/25.

What Is The Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Requirement In Wisconsin?

Drivers in Wisconsin are required by law to purchase auto insurance coverage with at least the following minimum limits:

  • $25,000 For Bodily Injuries To One Individual In One Wreck
  • $50,000 For Total Bodily Injuries Caused In One Accident
  • $10,000 For Damage To Property
  • $25,000 Per Person For Bodily Injuries Caused By An Uninsured Driver
  • $50,000 Per Accident For Bodily Injuries Caused By An Uninsured Driver

Penalties For Driving Without Insurance In Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s rolling hills are the perfect backdrop for laidback Sundays firing up the grill and spending time with loved ones. But local authorities are anything but laidback when it comes to enforcing the state’s strict mandatory minimum insurance laws.

In recent years, traffic officers have upped the ante in an effort to curb a scourge of uninsured drivers. It’s estimated that 14% of the Badger State’s motorists are putting tread to tarmac without insurance. If authorities find out you’re one of them – either through regular checks with local insurers or after an accident – you will:

  • Be fined $510;
  • Have your license and registration suspended until you can prove that you have an insurance policy; and
  • Be made to fork over $60 in fees to have your license and registration reinstated.

If you end up in an accident and cannot present proof of that your vehicle is insured, your registration and license will be suspended for up to the three years. You may also become the target of a lawsuit where the outcome could see you paying for another driver’s repair bills and medical expenses out of your own pocket.

How To File An Insurance Claim In Wisconsin

1. Obtain A Police Report

You need to prove to the insurer that an accident took place. A police report not only is verifiable evidence that you were involved in a collision but also might help show that another driver caused the crash.

2. Swap Information

Your insurer needs contact details for all the drivers involved in the accident. Exchange names, numbers and insurance information with the other motorists. Bonus points: take down the names and numbers of anyone who may have witnessed the accident.

3. Take Pictures

Photographic evidence will help bolster your claim. Apart from snapping pictures of any damage to the vehicles involved, you should also document skid marks on the road, traffic signs, and weather and lighting conditions.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once you are armed with this mountain of evidence, it is time to contact your insurer to report your accident and lodge your claim.\

5. Follow Up

In an at-fault state, an insurance claim can often take weeks to process. Contact your insurer to make sure your claim does not fall through the cracks.

Common Reasons Why Auto Insurance Claims Are Denied In Wisconsin

1. You Misunderstood Your Policy

Buying insurance without first doing your research is a trap far too many drivers fall into. Think of it like this: you wouldn’t buy a new television without first checking to see if a unit has all the features you’re looking for. Same goes for your new policy.

Not understanding your policy may lead to filing claims for damage that isn’t covered.

2. You Took Too Long To Report The Accident

Most states require you to report a crash wherein someone is injured or killed to the local authorities. Wisconsin is no different. Failing to report your accident to your insurance company in time may also derail your claim as insurers have strict time limits for successful claims.

3. You Were Intoxicated

If the police report states that you were under the influence when the accident took place, it is unlikely that your insurer will pay out your claim.

4. You Missed Your Monthly Payments

Maintaining your insurance policy boils down to one fundamental responsibility: paying your premiums. Failing to do so will immediately nullify your contract with your insurer and, in the event of an accident, inhibit your ability to make a claim.

5. You Took Too Long To Get A Medical Assessment

Insurers need evidence that your pain and injuries were caused by the crash. If you take too long to visit the doctor’s office, it may be difficult for your insurer to trace your injuries to the collision.



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